Parallettes One

If you’re at all familiar with what GMB is about, there’s a good chance that you already know what you’re after here. You’re not convinced that the bench press is the end-all-be-all of upper-body exercises. You know that there’s more to fitness than how many pounds you can lift how many times. You want functional strength that you can use in the real world, for whatever it is you feel like doing.

Congratulations. You’re taking your training beyond the one-dimensional pressing routines of the bodybuilding magazines and into the world of 3D strength and body control.

Parallettes One is designed to build your body, yes, but we don’t stop there. Powerful shoulders, tight abs, pecs that are visible through your clothes are just side-effects of this program. The real goal?

Control. Balance. Mastery. Grace. Beauty.

OK, so maybe it seems like we’re going a little too far, but really, don’t we all aspire to move beautifully? Just looking good isn’t enough once you’ve seen what the human body is capable of – what your body is capable of. You don’t need to be content with adding a few more reps or a few pounds to the bar.

Parallette training can give you the skills as well as the strength to finally feel like you own your movement.

Why Parallettes?

Parallette training has come into vogue in recent years, mostly due to their portability, ease of construction, and effectiveness at building upper-body strength. However, gymnasts have been using “P-bars” (as we call them) for much, much longer to refine their technique and aid in learning new skills.

Parallettes give the gymnast (or any athlete) two major advantages when mastering feats of balance and strength:

  1. Leverage
  2. Ground clearance

By increasing leverage, we’re able to add some advantage to skills like planches that might otherwise be beyond our capability. As we train and improve, we can gradually rely less and less on the tool itself. Adding ground clearance gives us more space to execute movements where we might not yet have the strength or mobility to perform the same skill on the floor.

These two advantages make parallette training a great choice for building the strength and mobility necessary to perform difficult bodyweight skills. It’s also a great way to practice technique without putting as much stress on the body (which is useful because fine motor control decreases as exercise intensity increases – in other words, you can’t do the fancy stuff when you’re muscles are struggling at the limit of their ability).

Of course, parallettes aren’t just a “stepping stone” to more difficult exercises – they can be used to actually increase the challenge of exercises like inverted presses by adding to the range of motion. This simply builds more muscle than doing the exercise on the floor would allow.

Since the Gold Medal Bodies approach to strength training is based on skill acquisition, it’s only natural that we would make use of parallettes to build both strength and skill.

It’s also ridiculously fun.

Parallettes One is our complete introduction to parallette training that lays the ground work of strength and skill for serious movement artistry.

A little P1 feedback. After three weeks of phase 1, I have noticed incredible improvements with my handbalancing, which is my goal. Suprisingly the increased strength is not so much from arms and shoulders, but mostly from core activation. Which is another smaller goal. Tighter and lighter. Fantastic program.

~ Mark Schoenhard

Here’s what you get with Parallettes One :

[stextbox id=”custom” caption=”Parallettes One Course Manual” collapsing=”false” collapsed=”false” image=”null”]

Our 69 page manual explains everything you need to know to put parallettes to work in your training -basic training theory, how to progress to the next level, managing your schedule, where to focus your attention while training – everything. It’s the most thorough guide to parallette training anywhere, so you’ll never be stuck wondering what happens next.

The last 30+ pages of the manual are dedicated to 24 Weekly Charts showing your day-by-day exactly what you need to accomplish to keep moving forward. No guesswork required. Just follow the plan and get strong.[/stextbox]

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Exercise Tutorials

We’ve included 5 Detailed Instruction Sessions explaining the correct form of each exercise in the program. If you’ve seen any of our sample videos, then you know that Coach Hurst provides extremely detailed coaching on the precise techniques you need to perform the movements correctly. These are the details the other guys always leave out (maybe they don’t know about them…).

Everyone knows that doing an exercise right is often the difference between getting stronger and getting hurt. All Gold Medal Bodies courses are built on years of experience in athletics, coaching, and physical therapy, which means we know how to get optimal results safely. You simply will not find a better tutorial series for parallette exercises online.

Workout Videos

In addition to the tutorials, there are 16 Walk-Through Videos covering each workout in the program. Follow along with these during your first couple of sessions as an example of the correct form and to ensure that you’re moving though the routine with the correct pace and rhythm.

With a video for each workout, you’ll never have to worry about getting lost or trying to read the manual between sets. Put these on you iPod and take them with you for total convenience.[/stextbox]

[stextbox id=”custom” caption=”P1 Leg Module” collapsing=”false” collapsed=”false” image=”null”]

If your hands are grabbing p-bars near the floor, then you aren’t putting much weight on your legs… Unfortunately, there aren’t too many parallettes exercises for your bottom half. Since nobody wants chicken legs, we created this bodyweight-only leg strength program to complement P1.

There are 3 Levels of difficulty with Instructional Videos and a Full Program Manual outlining how the Leg Module fits into your P1 training schedule. Some of these exercises are tried and true, and some of them you may not have seen before. In either case, they’re all brutally effective, and we explain them all in detail, revealing subtleties of execution that will multiply your rate of power development.[/stextbox]

[stextbox id=”custom” caption=”Prasara Yoga for Parallettes” collapsing=”false” collapsed=”false” image=”null”]

Yes, we’re yoga guys, so we had to include some yoga in this program.

Our P1 Prasara Flow consists of a Manual and Tutorial Video for specific compensatory movements after performing P1. Any kind of intense strength training is going to cause muscle soreness and tightness. Performing these yoga “compensatory exercises” will help to reduce and alleviate that discomfort.

Do your yoga and say goodbye to feeling stiff and sore.


That’s a lot of strength-building resources, and they’re being put to good use by people all over the world who want to build powerful shoulders, arms, and trunk – people who are already closer to nailing skills like the planche, like handstands and other inverted positions.

Ready To Do This?

Parallettes One is the program for increased forward pressing strength and control in inverted positions. There is nothing on the market like it that provides months of solid training progressions, clear instructions for each movement, and a clear path to more advanced skills. Seriously.

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Highly recommend the P1 program.

I’ve been working on it myself over the past several weeks and have been having a blast!

~ Jeffry Larson

Lyonheart Fitness

Gold Medal Bodies Quality and Results Policy

For a long time, we didn’t even bother with a guarantee. To be honest, we don’t actually have a return policy at all – it’s only come up a handful of times because the vast majority of people who use Gold Medal Bodies courses are more than pleased with the results they get (as in ecstatic).

But we understand that it’s difficult to trust online – especially when you don’t know us yet. So we want you to know that we’ve got your back:

The GMB Results Guarantee

[stextbox id=”custom” caption=”If you do the work you will get the results.” collapsed=”false” collapsing=”false”]There are no free rides when it comes to your health. GMB is about strength in all its various meanings, and that means you have to work hard to get the results you want. But if you find yourself stuck or having a hard time understanding what to do next, let us know.

We will work with you to make sure you get results you can be proud of.[/stextbox]

You won’t find a better guar­an­tee, because you won’t find a better group of people who care more about seeing you exceed your expec­ta­tions of what kind of health and abil­ity it’s possi­ble for you to achieve.

We’re on a mission to build stronger men and women, stronger fami­lies, and a stronger soci­ety. And it all starts with a stronger body. Yours.

Have Fun and Get Strong – Start Now

Parallettes are a fantastic tool for using leverage to your advantage – and you’ll get the most out of your practice by following a solid program that gives you a clear progression from simple pressing movements to impressive inverted skills.

P1 is the only program of its kind anywhere.

For instant access to parallette training the GMB way, you’ll want to click the yellow button below. You’ll get instant access to the video tutorials, program manual, Leg Module, and Yoga recovery flow.

Download P1 Deluxe Now for $97

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Let’s Get Started!

P.S. – Parallettes One is built on proven methods that are not only a load of fun but get serious results. P1 will have you looking great, feeling strong, and performing skills you’ve always though were unattainable. Get started today.

You will learn more about your body than you ever did before, you will be able to do some funky moves that will baffle and impress your friends, and you will save a ton of wasted time by doing effective movements!

~John Panella

Having gone through about 6 weeks of the program, I can say that I love the challenge. There’s nothing quite like starting a program unable to perform a movement, only to find ownership of that movement (and quite a few others) a mere 6 weeks later. You can’t say that about many programs, as many have you starting and ending the program with the same movements, only increasing reps or sets, decreasing rest or a combo of both. P1 has dramatically increased my strength.

~ John Belkewitch
Day 1 Personal Training